Why an Elderly Personal Alarm is the Smartest Choice you can Make for Your Loved Ones

Have you heard about an elderly personal alarm and wondered what it is?

Do you have a parent, grandparent, family friend, or neighbor that is showing a decline in their strength and mobility?

Are you unable to provide them with constant supervision, or guarantee that someone will always be in the house, available to help?

Are you worried that they may have an emergency situation when no one is around, and they won’t be able to reach a phone to dial for help?

You are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people across the world who have found themselves in the same situation as you. Whether they have noticed their strength and mobility is not quite what it used to be, or they have noticed it in their loved ones, they have all wondered what to do.

The difference between the people who continue to worry daily, and those who have found the peace of mind and independence they deserve, while still having security and safety in any emergency situation, is the personal alarm for the elderly.

  • Worn discreetly as a stylish wristband, bracelet, keychain alarm, necklace, the concept is centered on the idea of a panic button. Your loved one will wear it at all times – the fashionable designs that are available mean that they can even wear it while they are out of the house, just so they don’t forget where they put their personal alarm for the elderly.
  • The medical alert device contains the latest technology that sends a signal directly to a base unit set up in your home. The base unit is connected directly to a phone jack, and will dial your medical alert services response center immediately when the elderly personal alarm is activated. Each base unit also contains a chargeable battery, so in the case of a power outage the device will still work.
  • At the response centre, there is a professionally trained team that is fully staffed and available 24/7 anytime a personal alarm for elderly is activated. The constant availability ensures your elderly loved ones will never have to worry about their calls being missed. There are multiple centers across the country, so again, in the case of a power outage at the center itself, the calls will be re-routed.

The entire system is constantly being managed and cross-checked, and all the backups ensure that personal alarms for the elderly are a fail-proof system that will always be able to get the emergency response and assistance anyone might need, right away. Whether it’s a fall that they cannot get back up from, or something much more serious that requires paramedic assistance, the call center will be able to determine the situation immediately and professionally, and get them the help they need and deserve. This ingenious, simple, and effective system guarantees that any elderly person who doesn’t quite need constantly assisted living, and still wants the personal freedom and liberty to spend time alone, can have the independence they deserve. An elderly personal alarm is truly the smartest choice you can make for anyone who lives alone, but still needs that extra bit of safety reassurance.

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