How Elderly Safety is Drastically Improved with Emergency Monitoring

Even as technology and medicines improves the quality and length of the human life, there are still many worries about elderly safety. If you have ever felt concern for an elderly loved one that lives alone, or perhaps that lives with you, or has assisted living, but still spends a portion of their time alone, then elderly emergency monitoring may be the solution you need.

With elderly safety being a paramount goal, emergency monitoring was founded on an ingenious and simple concept. Elderly emergency monitoring is one of the failsafe tools that allows our loved ones to live safely and comfortably in the independent lifestyle they desire, while providing their family and friends with the reassurance that there is always someone available in the event of an emergency situation.

Even if your elderly family member or friend has generally good health, changes in our physiology can affect our ability to handle emergency situations alone. Weakness, frailty, loss of mobility, higher risk for heart attacks and strokes: these are all realities of growing older and having an extended lifespan. Elderly support services mean that anyone can still live freely in their own homes, while having 24/7 access to a professionally trained response team that knows their case personally, and can get them the immediate, specialized assistance they need.

The elderly emergency monitoring system is based around the idea of a panic button worn at all times by the subscriber. They are available as either a lightweight bracelet or necklace, and there are plenty of fashionable designs to maintain a discreet nature.

If an emergency situation happens, then all you need to do is press the button. This will send a signal directly to a base unit in your home. The unit (which is plugged into your phone jack) will then immediately dial the response center.

A friendly team member will speak loudly and clearly through the base unit, and communicate with you directly to determine what the situation is. Once they have determined if there is an emergency (including if they hear no response from you), they will contact the people you have listed as primary responders, or emergency services.

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure elderly safety for those who live alone, or spend any significant portions of the day alone. Whether it is for just a few hours daily, during working hours, or if they live entirely alone, it is important to ensure that an elderly loved one can always access emergency services. Falls and other emergency situations often occur in places that are not near a phone, and an elderly support service provides the link between the two.

With a medical alert device, you can rest at ease, knowing there is always a professional and constant network of professionally trained healthcare individuals that are ready to respond to any emergency situation immediately. Anyone who has made the choice to use an emergency monitoring system has found that they can now avoid the stress and worry about hours of suffering and pain, and that elderly safety is vastly improved, with this simple and compelling service.

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