ERA-EXTX Wired Doorbell Wireless Transmitter

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Do you have trouble hearing the wired doorbell in your home? Most wired doorbells play a simple “ding-dong” sound created when a small plunger inside the doorbell cabinet strikes a metal plate. Most wired doorbells sound at approximately 65-70 dBA. This makes it hard to hear in some parts of your home, especially when you might be a little hard of hearing.

One solution to this common problem is a product like the ERA-EXTX. This is a small transmitter wired into an existing wired doorbell (the unit that typically hangs in the foyer of your home).

What a Doorbell Extender Does

When a visitor pushes the existing wired push button (located outside by the front door), your wired doorbell chimes as usual. At the same time, the installed ERA-EXTX is activated and will send a radio signal, up to 4,000 ft., to a compatible ERA receiver, such as the ERA-RXPG plugin receiver or the ERA-DCRX desktop receiver. If you have a wired push button on the side or back door, the transmitter will also send out a signal to the receiver for that door.

In addition, multiple receivers may be used, enabling you to hear the sound throughout your home. The ERA-DCRX and the ERA-RXPG will play the selected melody at 90-95 dBA.

How the ERA-EXTX Is Wired to a Traditional Wired Doorbell

ERA-EXTX-Wired into a doorbell