ERA-PRDCR Business Grade Motion Entry Alert Kit

The ERA-PRDCR is PIR, motion activated wireless door chime kit designed for use in large areas, warehouses, shops, etc.  The kit ships with one receiver and one transmitter/sensor.  The kit is expandable by adding receivers and transmitters as needed.


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Need to Monitor a Door That Might Stay Open or an Open Area?

The ERA-PRDCR is a long-range, motion-activated entrance alert kit by Safeguard Supply.  The transmitter (ERA-PIR) has a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) triggered when motion and movement are detected in the monitored zone.  When the sensor is activated, it transmits a wireless signal up to 4,000 to the ERA-DCRX plug-in receiver.

This type of sensor works best when a door may sometimes stay open, or you need to monitor an open area or hallway.  Most users will mount this sensor over a gate and angle the lens toward the floor to pick up visitors through the emitted zone.  The companion product to this sensor is the ERA-UTX with is a sensor/transmitter that can function as a push button and/or a magnetic door contact.  Both sensors are compatible with the ERA-DCRX, the receiver featured in this kit.

The ERA-PIR Transmitter Detect Motion Through an Open Door or Hallway:

  • The transmitter may be mounted up to 4000 ft. from the compatible receiver (ERA-DCRX).
  • The sensor is passive infrared (PIR).
  • The transmitter/sensor is powered by a 1 x 9V Alkaline battery (not included.)  Battery should last 1-2 years, depending on usage.
  • When the battery level is low, the red led light on the receiver will flash for 10 minutes when triggered to notify the battery level is low.  In addition, the melody will play 2 x (twice) when started.
  • Transmitter ships with a mounting bracket and mounting screws.
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply.

The ERA-PIR transmitter uses a passive-infrared sensor to detect motion in the monitored zone.  The sensor ships with an aluminum mounting bracket that allows the user to rotate the angle of the emitted monitored zone.  The beam is designed to emit a wide but narrow zone to easily manipulate the size/area of the monitored zone the user would like to create.  The higher the sensor is mounted, the larger the zone becomes. The table below approximates the area based on the mounted height.

Coupled with the mounting height, adjustments of the angle also allow more manipulation of the zone.  The image to the right illustrates how you can adjust the angle.

The ERA-DCRX Receiver Generates A Loud Sound for Warehouses:

The receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet and may be up to 4,000 ft. from the transmitter.  This is the line-of-sight range which means environmental factors may reduce the range.  The kit ships with one receiver, and add-on receivers are available (ERA-DCRX) to allow you to expand the kit throughout other areas of your facility.  For example, many customers will place a receiver in the warehouse or shop and another in the front office.

Each receiver has four zones, where each zone will play 1 of 12 selected melodies to play when a sensor/transmitter paired with that zone is triggered.  Each zone can pair with three different transmitters/sensors.  The receiver also features a volume control button that toggles the sound to four different levels, a mute, and will turn the unit on/off.  Each zone mentioned above also features a live 12 VDC output with multiple duration settings to power an external device. Typical uses of this 12V DC output are a strobe light, siren, strobe-siren combo, etc.  For example, in a loud environment like a garage or machine shop, users often connect a Mini-Strobe/Siren that flashes a bright strobe and plays a loud 115 dB siren when triggered.

The receiver also features a 1 x C-Form relay that allows the unit to integrate with other devices.  There are countless numbers of ways to incorporate the receiver with other products.  One use, for example, might be to connect the relay on the receiver to a guard gate to trigger the gate to open when the receiver is activated.

  • The receiver ships with a plug-in 12V transformer to power the unit (plugs into a standard wall outlet).
  • Features a volume control knob for 4 x sound levels, a mute, and on/off.
  • Four zones on the receiver, each playing one of twelve melodies.  Each zone features a small LED that flashes red when triggered.
  • The receiver has 12 melodies to choose from.
  • Each zone features 1 x 12V DC output with a duration setting of 5 sec, 10 sec, 1 minute, and 2 minutes.
  • 1 x C-Form relay.
  • The sound level is 80 – 90 dB on the highest setting, depending on the melody selected.
  • The receiver may be located up to 4,000 ft. from transmitters.
  • The receiver can pair with 12 transmitters (3 per zone).
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply.

Click to Hear The Sounds Played by the ERA Receiver

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Safeguard Supply


ERA Series

Kit or Accessory

Complete Kit

Receiver Power


Sensor Type

Passive Infrared

Wireless Range

4,000 Ft.


12V DC Output, C-Form Relay, Expandable, Multi-Zone, Volume Control

Choose Accessory

Amber Strobe, Blue Strobe, Blue Strobe/Siren Combo, Clear Strobe, Fire Alarm Bell, Green Strobe, No Accessory, Piezo Siren w/ Volume Control, Red Strobe, Red Strobe/Siren Combo, Siren


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