The ERA line of products by Safeguard Supply is designed for larger facilities such as warehouses, shops, stores, etc.  The features that really makes the ERA line shine is the wireless range of up to 4,000 ft., it's ability to expand with multiple receivers and transmitters, and the 12VDC outputs on back of the receiver that provides the ability to add bright strobe lights, loud sirens, buzzers, and more. 

Browse the era line of warehouse & shop wireless entry alert Products

All products in this category of wireless doorbell & entrance alert products are compatible with one another.  Each receiver can work with up to 12 different transmitters (motion sensor, push button, & door contact.)  There is no limit to the number or receivers that work with each transmitter.

ERA Long Range Alerts Provides Unlimited Usage

This provides you the ability for widespread coverage throughout your facility.  For example, you can add a push button to front door four deliveries or customers, motion sensor over doors that tend to stay open, and add multiple receivers throughout different areas of your location. 

Common Uses:

  • During the COVID-19 crises, shops can leave doors closed and allow customers to use the outdoor mounted push button to notify staff when they are there.
  • Curbside pick-ups use the push button to alert staff that a customer has arrived to pick up their food.
  • Keep doors closed and instruct delivery drivers to push the button.
  • Mount the PIR, motion sensor, over the entry door at a lobby that will alert staff when someone enters the building.