Extender for Wired Doorbell kit with Transmitter and Plugin Receiver

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This unique kit offers a way for homeowners, who have trouble hearing their existing wired doorbell, to increase the sound and play a melody when the doorbell is triggered. The LRA-EX1000S is a kit that consists of the LRA-EXTX and the LRA-DCRXS. The LRA-EXTX is a small, battery-operated transmitter that you wire into your existing wired doorbell. For clarity, the wired doorbell is the unit that typically hangs in the foyer of your home and plays the “ding-dong” sound when triggered.

When a visitor pushes the existing wired doorbell push button (located at the door), your wired doorbell will chime as normal. However, when the LRA-EXTX is wired into your doorbell, it triggers and transmits a radio signal to the plugin receiver. The plugin receiver will play the selected melody associated with the transmitter. The transmitter, the LRA-EXTX, is capable of working with two doors, typically assigned as the front door and the second door. The LRA-EXTX is powered by a long-lasting lithium battery that should last 3-4 years before replacement.

The receiver in this kit is the LRA-DCRXS. It is a plugin wireless receiver that plugs directly into a standard wall outlet. It has three modes of operation, chimes only, strobe light, or chime and flashing strobe only. The receiver can work with up to two LRA-compatible transmitters/sensors. Please note if the front and back doors are connected to the LRA-EXTX, this will act as two transmitters/sensors.

  • Range from the LRA-EXTX to the LRA-DCRXS is up to 1,000 ft. This is the line of sight distance; environmental factors will reduce the total coverage.
  • The LRA-EXTX transmitter is powered by a long-lasting CR123A lithium battery (included).
  • The LRA-DCRXS plugins into a standard wall outlet.
  • Transmitter dimensions: 2-1/4” L x 2-1/4” W x 1/2” D
  • Connects to “font” door terminal screw and “second” door terminal screw in the wired doorbell, and the “common” (power from doorbell transformer).
  • Eighteen different melodies are available on the receiver.
  • The receiver will work with a total of two transmitters/sensors.
  • There is no limit to the number of receivers you can use with a transmitter/sensor.


Safeguard Supply


LRA Series


Expandable, Multi-Zone, Strobe Light, Volume Control

Kit or Accessory

Complete Kit

Receiver Power


Sensor Type

Push Button

Wireless Range

1,000 Ft.


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