Gold or Silver Trim Wired Button Center Push Replacement with White Center

Why replace your entire outdoor wired doorbell push button when the light goes out. Even for a non-lighted button, replacing the center push is an easy fix rather than replacing your entire wired button. The DH1200 series by Safeguard Supply offers two color trim choices (gold and silver) as well as lighted and non-lighted options to choose from.

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These products are a standard wired doorbell’s center, circular push part. Most wired doorbells push buttons with a circular center push that’s usually lighted. For example, if you see our PB1670 Pineapple shaped push button, the center part is the DH1202 for the brass or gold push button and the DH1201L for the nickel.

There are four product features — DH1201, DH1201L, DH1202, and DZH1202L. The 1201/L has a silver rim surrounding the white center push, lighted and non-lighted, and the 1202/L with gold color trim around the white center push.

  • Gold or Silver trim around white push
  • Lighted and non-lighted versions

Safeguard Supply


Gold, Silver

Lighted Option

Lighted, Non-Lighted


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