ERA Long Range Warehouse Doorbell Kit with Strobe

The ERA-UTDCR is the premier wireless notification system (door chime or entrance alert) available in the market today.  With a 4,000 ft. range from transmitter to receiver, this kit is guaranteed to work in your location or your money back.

The kit is available with add-on features such as strobe lights, sirens, fire alarm bells, and more.

WDK ERA STROBE (on 1800doorbell)

Need a Doorbell or Door Entry Alarm for Your Business?

This is the premier long-range, wireless doorbell chime and entrance alert kit in the industry today. This system is easy to set up, requires very little to no maintenance, and Safeguard Supply guarantees it to work in your location or your money back.

Wireless Alert is Sent Up to 4,000 ft. When Door is Opened, or the Button is Pressed

The basis of this product is the ERA-UTDCR which consists of the ERA-UTX universal transmitter and the ERA-DCRX plugin desktop receiver.

*Options are available for add-on accessories to make the unit significantly louder and/or add bright, flashing strobe lights.

Common Uses for the ERA-UTDCR Warehouse Doorbell Kit

  • Receive a chime alert when a visitor is at your door – a push button is located outside for deliveries and pickups.  One or multiple signals may be placed throughout your offices, warehouse, or shop to notify personnel.
  • Receive a notification when a door is opened – using the ERA-UTX universal transmitter, get an instant alert when the door is opened.

Why Warehouse Doorbell Kit is Guaranteed to Work

Virtually all wireless devices in the market today are designed for use in residential locations.  Even when touted as “long range,” most commercial sites are large and contain building materials that will dramatically reduce the wireless transmission range (from transmitter to receiver.)

Our system was designed with these factors in mind.  Although the range of 4,000 ft. may sound overkill for your location, concrete, brick, re-barb, and even the metal around the building doors will reduce the range.  4,000 ft. provides the content and power you will need.

This Warehouse Doorbell Kit is Expandable

Each receiver (ERA-DCRX) will work with up to 12 different transmitters.  There is no limit to the number of receivers a transmitter will pair with.  For example, in a large facility, you may have four different doors you need an alert on. Because your facility is so large, you may need ten other receivers.

You can adjust the volume control in front offices to suit your needs.  However, in a loud warehouse with forklifts and other noisy devices, you might need visual indicators (bright strobe lights), added sound (sirens), or both (strobe-siren machine.)


How to Wire an Accessory to the ERA-DCRX Receiver

ERA DCRX External Connections
Choose Accessory

Amber Strobe, Blue Strobe, Blue Strobe/Siren Combo, Buzzer, Clear Strobe, Fire Alarm Bell, Green Strobe, No Accessory, Piezo Siren w/ Volume Control, Red Strobe, Red Strobe/Siren Combo, Siren


Safeguard Supply


ERA Series


12V DC Output, C-Form Relay, Expandable, Multi-Zone, Strobe Light, Volume Control

Wireless Range

4,000 Ft.


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