What is an Emergency Medical Alert and How does it Work?

So maybe you’ve heard about emergency medical alerts as you look for ways to enhance safety and security for elderly loved ones or someone with health care issues?

Are you wondering exactly what a medical emergency alert is, what it can do for you, and why it is one of the most important and successful tools to ensuring there is always someone available for the people you love, in any emergency situation?

Are you looking for more information and clarification? Here, we provide all the answers to the questions you want to ask most about a medical emergency alarm, and how it can provide you with peace of mind.

What is an Emergency Medical Alert?

An emergency medical alert is part of a comprehensive, yet simple system that guarantees instant emergency care for anyone living or spending anytime alone. It is basically a way for anyone to signal to a professional team that knows who you are, that there is an emergency situation and you cannot reach a phone to dial for help yourself.

How does the Medical Emergency Alert work?

It begins with filling out a medical profile with a registered medical alert company. Providing them with your health care specifics, allergies, and the information of people who have agreed to be your ‘primary responders’ is the first step. Once they have completed your profile, you will receive a stylish medical alert wristband or necklace. Worn at all times, it contains a small button that you can easily press in case of an emergency. This connects you to a response team through a base unit located in your home. A professional staff member from the response centre will speak to you loudly and clearly through the loudspeaker if the button is pushed. If it has been pressed accidentally, you can simply clarify this. If there is actually an emergency (including if they do not hear a response from you, say, in the unfortunate situation that you have fallen down and are perhaps unconscious) the team will send a primary responder or emergency services to your house right away.

Is a Medical Emergency Alarm for Me and my Loved Ones?

 If you have ever been concerned about a family member being at home alone, or even yourself, because of increased likelihood of emergency situations, then this is the best system for you. With minimal interference in your day-to-day lifestyle, and no impact on your independence, a medical emergency alarm means that there is always a safety net available in case of a real emergency. There’s no need for a nursing home or even constant supervision with assisted living at home; just a simple bracelet, and a lifetime of comfort and peace of mind.

If you want the lifestyle you’ve always enjoyed, but with that added touch and surety of care for the unpredictable health situations that can arise as our bodies change, then consider investing in an emergency medical alert bracelet– minimally priced and maximally reassuring.

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