Top 7 Tips for Successful Use of Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are the most successful networks to create reassurance for you or your elderly loved ones in case of emergency situations. As age and health changes the carefree way we deal with our days, moving into a nursing home, or losing your independence as you move back in with grown children isn’t always the best answer. A simple and discreet slip-on device, medical alert devices are backed by a network of healthcare professionals that know your situation and are available 24/7 to get you the immediate help you need in case of an emergency.

1. Realize the value of an emergency safety network. Having an entire emergency monitoring system in place with you at all times means you can carry on with your day-to-day activities in full independence but with the total security of knowing you can get help if you need it, anywhere, anytime.

2. Contact a medical alert systems company directly. A friendly, helpful team will work with you to understand your exact needs and requirements. They will assist you in deciding how to best create a safety network that ensures you get the emergency care you need, in any situation, especially if you spend any or most of your time alone.

3. Complete your profile.  After having decided that you want your independence to remain the same, but still desire the dependability of immediate emergency care, you can fully establish your profile with the center. This includes discussing your medical history, emergency contacts, emergency procedures, and any other information that may be relevant to your immediate care.

4. Decide on your personal responders. These very special people are ones who can be available to come over in case of an emergency. They can be family members, neighbors, friends, or trusted community workers. Make sure you have the correct contact information for them – these will be the first people the medical alert monitoring systemwill contact when your device is activated.

5. Set up the base unit in your home. The medical alert monitoring devicesare placed in a convenient location in your home, and plugged into a phone jack. This connects you at all times directly via your phone connection to the 24/7 center. When your device is activated, an attendant will speak to you through this base unit to see what is happening. Once they assess the situation (including no response), and something is wrong, they will immediately send someone over to check up on you.

6. Wear the bracelet or necklace. This is the easiest, but most important step. Wearing the medical alert device at all times means you can constantly access the entire medical alert systems with a simple press of the button. They come in fashionable and stylish forms, so you can keep your personal sense of style.

7. Carry on enjoying a great life. With medical alert monitoring devices comes the safety of knowing that there will now always be a system in place that you can reach at anytime, in any emergency. You’ve lived a long life, and deserve to be taken care of while continuing to enjoy your life, your way, and medical alert systems are the best way you can provide yourself with peace of mind, ‘just in case’.

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