Use the Flashing Strobe Chime for the Hard of Hearing

The bright flashing strobe light provides a visual indicator (flashing light) to alert the elderly and hard of hearing of a visitor at the door.

wc180-lifestyle2 In use in Home

Visitor Arrival Triggers Melody & Strobe Flash

The kit consists of a plug receiver & a wireless push button (add unlimited receivers & up to 3 push buttons).  When the visitor pushes the wireless button you mounted outside, the plugin receivers throughout your home will flash brightly & play the selected melody.


A Strobe Light Door Chime Works Great in Small Shops

Sometimes, even a loud door chime receiever isn't enough to alert you when a visitor arrives at your door.  The WC180 by Safeguard Supply alerts you with a bright flashing strobe light (flashes for 15 seconds). It works great is small workshops & stores as well.

wc180-lifestyle3 Use in Workshop

Residential Plug In Chime Kit with Bright Strobe

The WC180 is a great wireless door chime for the hard of hearing or in loud area. The flashing strobe light provides a bright visual indicator when visitors arrive. The wireless push button mounted outside triggers the wireless plugin receiver.

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