Residential Plug-In Chime Kit with Bright Strobe

The WC180-SS is a great wireless door chime for the hard of hearing or in loud area. The flashing strobe light provides a bright visual indicator when visitors arrive. The wireless push button mounted outside triggers the wireless plugin receiver.

Use the Flashing Strobe Chime for the Hard of Hearing

The bright flashing strobe light provides a visual indicator (flashing light) to alert the elderly and hard of hearing of a visitor at the door. A visitor Arrival Triggers Melody & Strobe Flash

The kit consists of a plug receiver & a wireless push button (add unlimited receivers & up to 3 push buttons).  When the visitor pushes the wireless button you mounted outside, the plugin receivers throughout your home will flash brightly & play the selected melody.

A Strobe Light Door Chime Works Great in Small Shops

Sometimes, even a loud door chime receiver isn’t enough to alert you when a visitor arrives at your door.  The WC180 by Safeguard Supply alerts you with a bright flashing strobe light (flashes for 15 seconds). It works great in small workshops & stores as well.

WC180 Flashing Strobe Wireless Chime Kit

The WC180-SS is one of the first products we ever manufactured, and years later, it continues to show why.  This wireless door chime kit was one of the first in the industry to feature a bright, LED flashing strobe light to provide the hard-of-hearing visual indicator accompanying the sound of the door chime to alert you when a visitor arrives at your door.

The kit is easy to install and consists of 1 x wireless door chime receiver that plugs into a standard wall outlet and 1 x wireless outdoor-rated push button.  The kit comes programmed so that all you have to do is mount the push button outside using double-sided tape or mounting screws (included) and plug the receiver into the wall.  The kit is expandable by adding more receivers and/or push buttons throughout your home.  With a range of up to 600 ft., this kit works best in smaller homes and offices.

*Please note: the wireless range is up to 600 ft.  This is line-of-site, meaning environmental and building materials will reduce the effective content.  For larger homes & offices, see the LRA-D1000S wireless door chime kit with strobe.

WC180-SS Expand Kit by Adding Buttons and Receivers

WC180-SS Product Features:

  • The plugin receiver plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • Up to 600 ft. wireless range (from push button to receiver)
  • LED flashing strobe light will flash for approximately 15 seconds when the receiver is triggered
  • 58 available sound options.
  • Kit consists of one wireless push button and one plugin receiver
  • Kit comes programmed for easy setup and installation
  • A total of 58 push buttons can work with 1 x receiver.  Unlimited receivers work with each push button.
  • Mounting hardware included for push button
  • The wireless push button is battery-powered (included) and is outdoor-rated
  • FCC certified
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply

Safeguard Supply




Expandable, Multi-Zone, Strobe Light

Kit or Accessory

Complete Kit

Receiver Power


Sensor Type

Push Button

Wireless Range

600 Ft.


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