Why replace your entire outdoor wired doorbell push button when the light goes out. Even for a non-lighted button, replacing the center push is an easy fix rather than replacing your entire wired button. The DH1200 series by Safeguard Supply offers two color trim choices (gold and silver) as well as lighted and non-lighted options to choose from.

Halo Lighted Trim DH1204L Silver Center DH1203L Gold Center DH1207L Black Center

Pineapples were rare in colonial America. Not only was it a sign of wealth, it also was a sign that your home was open to visitors. The story goes, when the owner of the home was back in town from his overseas voyage, a pineapple on the front porch represented he was back and town and open to visitors. Not sure how accurate that story is, but I am sure the pineapple is a universal welcoming sign. Beautiful and sturdy pineapple, wired push button adds a welcoming touch.  Solid brass with a white, lighted LED push, this is a flush mounted button.

DH1201 DH1201L   Lighted and non-lighted options