LRA-D1000S Wireless Door Chime Kit with Plugin Receiver & Push Button

Plug in the receivers throughout your home or office and receive instant notifications when a visitor pushes the outdoor push button.  The bright strobe light and loud speaker ensure you won’t miss a visitor again.  The receiver & push button featured in this kit are compatible with all LRA Series of products.

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The LRA-D1000S is a wireless door chime kit with a plugin chime receiver and a wireless push button.   Add as many plug-in receivers (LRA-DCRXS) to expand the kit as possible, including the LRA-DCRX battery-operated receiver and the LRA-VPRX vibrating pager.  The LRA-DCRXS is capable of working with two different transmitters.  Each transmitter will play a different tune or melody programmed by the user.

A great feature of this receiver is the bright, flashing strobe light.  Ideal for the hard of hearing or in loud locations, the strobe light will grab your attention.  Optionally, the user can turn the strobe light off and use sound only, or even use strobe light only, muting the sound.  The range of this product makes it ideal for large and small homes alike, as well as shops, stores, or other retail locations.  Simply mount the wireless push button outside the front door and plug the receiver into a standard wall outlet.  The push button in this kit comes programmed from the factory to the included receiver.


Safeguard Supply


LRA Series

Kit or Accessory

Complete Kit

Receiver Power



Expandable, Multi-Zone, Strobe Light, Volume Control

Sensor Type

Push Button

Wireless Range

1,000 Ft.


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