Wireless Motion Sensor Alert with Flashing Strobe Receiver

Hard working entrance alert kit has an amazing 1000 foot range from motion sensor to the chime receiver.  The motion sensor mounts easily over a door and sends a wireless signal to the receiver which will chime and flash an LED strobe light.  The receiver can play 1 of 18 selectable sounds with a loud 90dB rating making it ideal for loud and busy settings.  Choose LED light only, sound only or light and sound alerts.  Pair with up to 4 different sensors, or use multiple receivers to hear notifications in various places.

Product Dimensions:

LRA-DCRX Dimensions of chime receiver –  6.60”(H) x 5.30” (W) x 1.70”(D)

LRA-MSTX – 3.56”(H) x 1.93”(D) x 2.48” (W)

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