The ERA line of products features rated, rugged transmitters with a wireless range of up to 4,000 ft., and expandable receivers with add-on sound, strobes, & other accessories making the ERA line of products perfect for shops, warehouses, businesses, & more!

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The LRA line of products from Safeguard Supply is designed for medium-sized shops & businesses, & looks good enough for home & residential use. Bright strobe lights, loud volume, and a 1,000 ft. range make these great products for both home & business.

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Safeguard Supply Product Categories

Which Series of Safeguard Supply Products are Best for Me?

Commercial Location

In most cases, we recommend the ERA series of products for any commercial location, including warehouses, retail locations, shops, and more. The main reasons for this are two-fold. First, the range of ERA products, the line of sight range, from the sensor/transmitter to the receiver, is up to 4,000 ft. This may sound like more range you need, but when in a commercial location, environmental factors will reduce the range of any wireless product.

For example, a wireless push button outside a warehouse is usually mounted on concrete, brick, or metal. These materials will reduce the wireless signal by up to 30%-40%. Right off the bat, the signal has now been reduced to 2,800-2,400 ft. An interior wall may reduce the signal by 10%-15%.

Most wireless doorbells, entrance alerts, and driveway alarms on Amazon or retail box stores will typically top out at 500 ft. At the exact location mentioned above, your wireless signal is now reduced to 350 ft. – 300 ft.

Secondly, we would recommend the ERA series because of its expandability and compatibility with other products in this series. For example, the ERA-DCRX and ERA-RXPG will work with up to 12 different sensors/transmitters, while the ERA-VPRX will work with up to 16 different sensors and transmitters. For example, you can use a motion sensor, door contact, and push buttons with an ERA-DCRX desktop receiver, an ERA-RXPG plugin receiver with strobe light, and an ERA-VPRX at the same time, each having its distinct melody or tune.

Finally, the ERA-DCRX receiver features 4 x 12V DC outputs, which connect 12V DC accessories such as strobe lights, sirens, fire alarm bells, and more to the receiver. For loud areas, such as workshops, a loud siren would create a sound of approximately 115 dBA to notify you when a visitor arrives. The receiver also has a C-FORM relay to integrate other 3rd party devices.

  • Sensors/Transmitters Offered in the ERA Series
    • ERA-PBTX – Outdoor wireless push button.
    • ERA-UTX – Universal transmitter that may be used as a wireless push button or magnetic door contact. Magnetic door contact works best when the door stays closed–triggers when the door is opened.
    • ERA-PIR – Indoor-rated passive infrared motion sensor. Mounts above the door and triggers when someone passes through the monitored zone.
    • ERA-DSTX – Outdoor-rated passive infrared motion sensor primarily used as a driveway sensor.
    • ERA-EXTX – This small transmitter wires into an existing wired doorbell (the unit that typically hangs in the foyer of a home, for example.) When a visitor pushes the wired doorbell button outside the home or office, the unit sends a radio signal up to 4,000 ft. away to an ERA receiver that will play a chime sound.
  • Receivers (all ERA receivers feature volume control)
    • ERA-DCRX – Wall-mounted or desk-mounted receiver. Powered by included 12V DC plugin adaptor. Features 4 x 12V DC outputs and 1 x C-FORM relay.
    • ERA-RXPG – Receiver plugs directly into a standard wall outlet. Three modes of operation, sound only, strobe, sound and strobe.
    • ERA-VPRX – Portable receiver with sound and/or vibration mode. It has a built-in rechargeable battery pack with a charging cable.

Large Homes, Small Retail Stores

Although the ERA series of products works great across all sizes of homes & businesses, the LRA series of products is an option as well. With a range of up to 1,000 ft. (line of sight), the LRA series offers some of the same expandability and compatibility as the ERA series.

Besides the range, the main difference between the LRA and ERA product lines is that the receivers work with fewer transmitters/sensors. For example, the LRA-DCRX battery-powered receiver (option plugin adaptor is available) works with four transmitters/sensors. In contrast, the LRA-DCRXS plugin receiver with strobe light works with up to 2.

In the LRA series, an outdoor push button and wired doorbell chime extender are currently offered as transmitters/sensors.

  • Sensors/Transmitters
    • LRA-PBTX – Wireless, outdoor-rated push button. Triggers when a visitor pushes the button.
    • LRA-EXTX – Transmitter wires into a standard wired doorbell. When a visitor pushes the wired button outside, the transmitter sends a radio signal to one of the compatible receivers below.
  • Receivers
    • LRA-DCRS – Battery-powered receiver (with plugin option available) that sits on a flat surface or hangs on the wall. Works with up to 4 transmitters/sensors. Has a flashing strobe light option.
    • LRA-DCRXS – Plugs into a wall outlet. Works with two sensors/transmitters. Can play sound, sound and strobe, or strobe only—no volume control

Small Home or Apartment

The WC180 Flashing Strobe Door Chime Kit is a simple, low-cost wireless door chime kit that works well in smaller homes & apartments. With a range of 150 ft., it does not have the range that the ERA or LRA products do, but we find it works great in smaller locations. The kit comes with one plugin receiver with a built-in strobe. Unlike its ERA and LRA counterparts, the ERA-RXPG and LRA-DCRXS, respectively, the strobe and sound are always on. There is no volume control. Each receiver can work with three push buttons (assign a distinct melody for each push button). You can use as many receivers per push button as you want.