Long Range Alert Series Entrance Alert & Door Chime Products by Safeguard Supply

The LRA series are our mid-range products.  With a range of up to 1,000 ft., these products are ideal for residential use and small to mid-size businesses.
Available LRA Transmitter/Sensors:

LRA-PBTX and LRA-PBTXA Wireless Push Buttons
LRA-MSTX Motion Sensor
LRA-DCTX Magnetic Door Contact Sensor
LRA-DSTX Outdoor Driveway Sensor
LRA-EXTX Door Chime Extender

The LRA series of products are feature rich and are reliable up to the operating range.  It is important to note that the range is line of sight.  In commercial locations, and even residential locations, building products such as brick, concrete, metal, etc. will reduce the range.

For larger areas, please take a look at our Extended Range (ERA) products by Safeguard Supply.