The LRA line of products are unique in that all associated receivers features a bright flashing strobe light (portable receiver features a vibration mode).  The strobe light is a great feature for the hard of hearing, or in loud environments.  Not only are the receivers loud, up to 90db, the bright strobe lights will draw your attention. 

Of course the reverse of this is true as well in that they work well in quiet environments.  Rather than using sound, the strobe offers a visual notification without disturbing with loud sound.

Similar to the ERA line of products by Safeguard Supply, all the transmitters and receivers are cross-compatible withing the ERA line.  For example, the motion sensor works with both the battery operated receiver (LRA-DCRX) and the plug-in receiver (LRA-DCRXS).

Great Residential & Business Wireless Doorbell & Entry Chime with Flashing Strobe Lights

Many people shy away from wireless door chimes, wireless motion sensors, and wireless entrance alarms because of issues with range.  Typically, the wireless range of products featured by box store hardware stores have a range between 150-300 ft.

Although this may sound like enough range in your home or business, the reality is that environmental factors will diminish the effective range of the products.  The LRA range of products are up to 1,000 ft.  This provides plenty of range in small to large residential homes and also tends to work well in small commercial locations.  If your business is larger, we recommend the ERA line by Safeguard Supply.

The LRA series are our mid-range products.  With a range of up to 1,000 ft., these products are ideal for residential use and small to mid-size businesses.

Available LRA Transmitter/Sensors:

  • LRA-PBTX and LRA-PBTXA Wireless Push Buttons
  • LRA-MSTX Motion Sensor
  • LRA-DCTX Magnetic Door Contact Sensor
  • LRA-DSTX Outdoor Driveway Sensor
  • LRA-EXTX Door Chime Extender

The LRA series of products are feature rich and are reliable up to the operating range.  It is important to note that the range is line of sight.  In commercial locations, and even residential locations, building products such as brick, concrete, metal, etc. will reduce the range.

For larger areas, please take a look at our Extended Range (ERA) products by Safeguard Supply.