Build Your Custom LRA Wireless Door Chime Kit – Expandable Kit with Multiple Sensors to Choose From

Build your wireless doorbell kit by choosing a sensor with the ERA-DCRX battery operated receiver (optional plugin available).  The receiver featured in this kit the larger of the 3 LRA series receivers, is capable of pairing with four (4) different sensors, and play up to 32 different melodies to choose from.  The receiver has three operating modes, flash only, sound only, and flash and sound.  Choose your sensors below and build a custom kit to suite your needs.

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Safeguard Supply carries two primary product lines, the LRA (Long Range Alerts) and ERA (Extended Range Alerts).  This product line is the LRA, designed for residential homes and small to medium-sized businesses.

The base of this kit is the premier receiver in the LRA line, the ERA-DCRX wireless door chime receiver.  The receiver features a volume control knob (which changes the volume from mute to the loudest level at approximately 90 dBA,) a flashing strobe, four-zone capability, and the option to add a plugin receiver (battery operation is standard).

The unit may be mounted on the wall or a desktop.  Choose from the sensors below to fit your specific need.

Wireless Sensors Compatible with this Receiver:

Push Button:  There are two colors of outdoor-rated wireless push buttons, the LRA-PBTX-W and LRA-PBTX-B (white and black, respectively.)

For details about this push-button sensor, please visit the product page.

Door Contact:  The magnetic door/window contact sensor is the LRA-DCTX.  With a sleek profile and powerful lithium battery (included), the sensor mounts on the door using the included double-sided tape.  This sensor is triggered when the door is opened.

Specific product features for the LRA-DCTX magnetic door contact are found here,

Motion Sensor: The LRA-MSTX is a passive infrared, indoor-rated wireless sensor that triggers when heat and movement are detected by the photoelectric lens located inside the unit.

Learn more about the Safeguard Supply motion-activated sensor here.

Driveway Alert Sensor: The LRA-DSTX is an outdoor-rated, wireless PIR sensor that detects automobiles moving in and out of your driveway.  While the LRA-MSTX creates canonical monitored zones, the driveway sensor creates a streamlined beam that shoots straight across an area.

Doorbell Extender:  A common problem many homeowners face is not being able to hear the wired doorbell installed in their homes.  The LRA-EXTX is a small transmitter that wires into your existing wired doorbell.  When a visitor pushes the wired button outside your home, your doorbell rings as usual, and the extender transmits a radio signal to the receiver.

For details about the LRA-EXTX, click here.


Safeguard Supply


LRA Series


Expandable, Multi-Zone, Strobe Light, Volume Control

LRA-Choose Sensor Type

Black Push Button, Doorbell Extender, Driveway Alert Sensor, Indoor Motion Sensor, Magnetic Door Alert Contact, White Push Button

Receiver Power

Battery Operated

Wireless Range

1,000 Ft.


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