Dementia & Alzheimer’s Door Alert Kit with Flashing Strobe

Caring for a loved one with Dementia is challenging. Many caregivers fear knowing where their loved one is and trying to prevent them from wandering and getting lost. The LRA-C1000S is a great tool to help with this challenging situation. The kit consists of a door contact that immediately alerts the plugin strobe. These strobes can be placed throughout your home to alert you with a chime sound and/or a bright strobe light when you’re loved one opens the door.

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The LRA-C1000S is a door alarm and door entry kit specifically designed for the elderly with dementia by alerting a caregiver when a door is opened.  A typical scenario is adding the door alert to a bedroom so that caregivers are notified if the loved one opens their bedroom door.

This kit has two main components: 1 x wireless door contact and 1 x plugin chime receiver. Additional receivers may be added to expand the kit, and each receiver can work with up to two different transmitters (the LRA-DCRX receiver is compatible and works with up to 4 transmitters).

The receiver has three operating modes; strobe only, sound, strobe and sound.  The magnetic door sensor includes a powerful lithium battery and double-sided tape to mount the transmitter/sensor to the door you want to monitor.  Simply mount the sensor to the door, plug in the receiver, pair/program them together, and begin scanning the door.

When the door is opened, an alert from the sensor is immediately sent to the receiver, alerting the caregiver that the door was opened. The door alarm for Alzheimer’s wandering is a great tool to help the elderly.


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