ERA-PIR Sensor/Transmitter

The ERA-PIR is a transmitter with a PIR sensor. The combination of heat and movement triggers the sensor to send a radio signal, up to 4,000 ft. away to the compatible ERA-DCRX receiver.

Best Applications:

  • When door sometimes stays open…(for doors that usually stay closed, see ERA-UTX Transmitter).
  • For thick metal door or where magnetic contact gap is too wide for ERA-UTX magnetic door sensor.
  • Large openings or hallways.
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Great for monitoring entrances such as hallways, sensitive areas, or doors that sometimes stay open.  There are two versions of this product:

  1. The ERA-PIR (this product) is a PIR sensor compatible with the ERA series of products. This passive-infrared sensor is triggered when the combination of heat and motion are detects with in the monitored zone. Once triggered, the transmitter sends a wireless signal, up to 4,000 ft. away. The receiver will play one of the 12 selected melodies upon activation.
  2. The ERA-PIR-SPK is a PIR sensor that features a speaker on built-in to the unit.  The ERA-PIR-SPK is a stand-alone product meaning it DOES NOT transmit a signal to a remote receiver.  When triggered, the unit plays one of four selected sounds emanating from the unit.

The sensor features an aluminum mounting bracket that allows the unit to rotate freely.  The most common usage is to mount the sensor above the door with the lens pointing down towards the floor.  Slight angle adjustments allows for fine tuning of the monitored zone to prevent spill-over and/or ensure  you are monitoring the exact zone you want.

  • The sensor is powered by a standard 9V alkaline battery (not included) and due to low power consumption, the battery life is estimated at 12 months.
  • Unit ships with sensor, mounting bracket, and mounting screws.
  • Four-step volume control.
  • The ERA-PIR must be paired to a zone on a ERA-DCRX receiver.  Each ERA-DCRX receiver can accommodate up to 12 transmitters, 3 per zone.
  • The ERA-PIR-SPK version of this product DOES NOT transmit a signal to a remote location.

The mounting height of the sensor will determine the dimensions of the monitored zone.  Please consult the table below:


ERA-PIR Motion Sensor Features

ERA PIR Callouts

Safeguard Supply


ERA Series

Kit or Accessory

Add-on Accessory

Sensor Type

Passive Infrared

Wireless Range

4,000 Ft.




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