Motion Activated Sensor with Speaker (Sound at Door)

A motion-activated entrance alert sensor with a speaker built-in to emit sound from the sensor itself.  Great for smaller offices, shops, convenience stores, and other retail locations.

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The ERA-PIR-SPK is a PIR-activated sensor that emits a sound from the speaker when triggered.  The unit features a state-of-the-art passive infrared sensor that activates when the combination of heat and movement is detected in the monitored zone.

ERA PIR Mounted Over the Doorway

A typical installation is to mount the sensor over a door using the included mounting bracket.  What makes this unit stand out over other sensors is the design of the mounting bracket.  Most PIR sensor mount on a pivot ball and do not allow you to aim the sensor’s emitted beam inwards toward the floor.  Although this might work well when you want to cover a general area, many business owners and managers want to use this product for a specific purpose, often to detect movement through a doorway.  By mounting this sensor on the bracket and rotating the sensor’s lens up and down, you can “aim” the beam straight down and not bleed into other areas.

For example, if you have a convenience store, you probably want to detect when someone enters through a doorway but do not want to catch general foot traffic through your store–that might not be very pleasant.

When triggered, the sensor will emit sound from a speaker built into the unit.  It does not transmit the signal to a remote location like the sister product, the ERA-PRDCR.  Ideal for areas up to 3,000 ft., the gentle tone sounds with volume control is enough to notify but not alarming.  If you need something louder, please refer to the above product, the ERA-PRDCR.

Motion Sensor Features:

  • Four-level volume control (set to the highest level, 90db at the factory).
  • When triggered by default, the unit is programmed to play a “ding-dong” sound.  The sound may be changed to one of three available sounds.
  • Powered by 9V alkaline battery (not included).  The unit is specifically designed to preserve battery life.  Battery life is estimated at 18 months at 50 rings per day.
  • A unique tone is played when the battery is weak and needs to be replaced.
  • The sensor resets after 5 seconds.
  • Unit ships with a mounting bracket and mounting screws.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Manufactured by Safeguard Supply.

*Notes on mounting the unit:

The higher the unit is mounted, the larger the monitored zone becomes.  For example, mounted at 8 feet off the ground, the sensor will emit an area approximately 9.2′ wide x 0.6′ depth.  At 16′ mounting height, the zone is increased to 18.4′ w x 1.20′ d.  The unit was engineered to create a narrow depth as most customers are business users who will use this product in a convenience store or store.  The small depth of the zone helps to eliminate unwanted triggers by foot traffic near the monitored door.

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