ERA-DCRX Extended Range Wireless Chime Receiver

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The ERA-DCRX is a state-of-the-art, long-range desktop (or hang-on-the-wall) receiver with a wireless range of up to 4,000 feet. Compatible with ERA transmitters, the receiver plays a selected melody when activated by a compatible ERA receiver.

The receiver features a volume control button with four levels of volume control. At the highest setting, the volume is approximately 95 dBA. Pushing the volume button a 5th time mutes the unit, and a 6th press turns the unit off. The unit can work with up to twelve compatible ERA transmitters/sensors, with each sensor programmed to one of four zones. One of the twelve available melodies is assigned to each zone.

Each of the four zones also features a live 12V DC output set to 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 1 minute, or 2 minutes. This means the unit will power a connected 12V DC accessory for the selected duration when a programmed transmitter/sensor activates the receiver.

The receiver also features one x C-FORM relay, which may be integrated into a device with a Normally Open (N/O) or Normally Closed (N/C) device. The C-FORM relay may be associated with one, all, or any combination of zones 1-4.

The receiver is powered by an included 12V DC plugin adaptor with a 5-foot cord.

There’s no limit to the number of ERA receivers connecting to an ERA-compatible transmitter/sensor.


ERA-DCRX Receiver Features

  • The receiver works with up to 12 ERA sensors/transmitters, with each paired (programmed) to one of four zones of the receiver.
  • One of the twelve available melodies is assigned to each zone.
  • Each zone features a small LED light used for notification, as well as a guide in programming. For example, when a zone is activated by a sensor paired to the zone, the small LED will flash.
  • The receiver features a volume control knob with four sound level settings + mute + off.
  • Each zone has a live 12V DC output for connecting 12V DC accessories such as a siren, strobe light, and fire alarm bell. If a device is connected to a zone, when that zone is activated, the zone will output 12V of DC power for a selected duration, 1 second, 5 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes.
  • The receiver is indoor-rated.

ERA Compatible Transmitters/Sensors


Safeguard Supply


ERA Series


12V DC Output, C-Form Relay, Expandable, Multi-Zone, Volume Control

Kit or Accessory

Add-on Accessory

Receiver Power


Wireless Range

4,000 Ft.


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